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Trinity and Dad

"I wanted to send you this sweet photo of James Brown and his new adopted dog, Trinity.

Trinity is an 8-year-old Black Lab mix who was rescued from a house for her own protection.

When she arrived at Animal Friends, her coat was very poor and thin.  She had been living in a house with no gas, heat, or electricity. She is now the picture of health and better still, has a home with James.

James is age 92!  When he was told that Trinity’s eyes were not that great, he replied with a smile, "We have something in common!"

This is the perfect dog for him - very sweet and gentle.  They need each other."

As received from the Director of Health & Wellness, Animal Friends, Pittsburgh, PA
February, 2013

Caesar finds a home — and a sweetheart

April 4, 2006

"Three weeks after learning about Caesar on the radio, I finally decided to take a trip to Animal Friends to see him for myself. Am I ever glad I did! Taking one look at this great big ball of feline fluff, I knew he was meant for me. Little did Caesar know as I snuggled him into my car on that cold January day, he was about to meet Belle and Alberta (my 11 year-old and 19-year old cats).

Belle, who does not like new folks, instantly decided that she needed to inform this male intruder who was boss! After playing it safe for a day, hiding under the bed and behind the corner table, Caesar elected to "make nice." And now, Belle and Caesar, my new wide-faced kitty with the great big paws, are more than just friends, they're sweethearts! (At least Belle thinks so.)

At 12 years of age, Caesar still loves to play. Catnip toys are his favorite. His daily routine remains the same: Eat a big breakfast, sit on my lap, take a long snooze. What a life he has! And he deserves a good life. After his owner died, he was shuttled from shelter to shelter. "Stressed" is a good adjective to describe Caesar upon his arrival at Animal Friends.

But Caesar is stressed no longer. As he sleeps curled up on my bed with Alberta and Belle by his side, I wonder what his life would have been like had I not been listening to the radio one January morning..."

— Laurie, pictured above with 'Caesar' on adoption day at Animal Friends, Pittsburgh, one of our participating shelters

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Here are a few more examples of happy seniors and the pets they've adopted through the PFE program.

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